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ecobale and the environment

ecobale cardboard animal bedding offers several environmental benefits over traditional materials used for animal bedding and game and poultry rearing like wood shavings and straw. In favour of the environment, it also makes an excellent eco-friendly packaging filler, a greener, safer alternative to polystyrene chips.

ecobale clean shredded corrugated cardboard provides a healthier, cleaner living and sleeping environment for all animals. It offers several benefits to animals and their owners and importantly, to the environment:

ecobale is environmentally friendly because it is:

  • 100% recycled
  • Re-usable as a packaging filler
  • Made from a renewable source
  • Easily composted and fully biodegradable: when composting, ecobale breaks down more rapidly than traditional bedding and can be used as an effective mulch

"Corrugated packaging is a reusable material made from a renewable resource."

"Corrugated board is not made from tropical forest hardwoods - they are entirely unsuitable for the process. The industry uses fast-growing softwoods, which are being replanted faster than they are being used."

“…But what makes corrugated packaging superior to any other material is its recyclable nature. Surveys reveal that it is favoured above anything else by environmentalists and consumers.”

"Packaging for a Fragile Planet" from The Confederation of Paper Industries

Environmental benefits of using shredded, corrugated cardboard animal bedding:

  • It is virtually dust, seed and spore-free so reduces airborne allergens
  • If not recycled, it would be disposed of in landfill sites. These sites have adverse effects on the environment such as pollution, contamination and damage to surroundings
  • It is biodegradable so breaks down more rapidly than traditional animal bedding materials

Why use a recycled product for animal bedding and poultry and game-rearing?

Recycling is beneficial to the environment in a number of ways by:

  • Conserving raw materials
  • Reducing energy consumption and emissions of greenhouse gases
  • Reducing manufacturing costs
  • Minimising energy needed for processing and transportation

We have provided a selection of links to environment-related websites on our links page.

ecobale animal bedding is the ideal eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional materials used for animal bedding and game and poultry rearing which has several environmental benefits. Please Contact Us for further information or to place an order.