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Product Benefits

ecobale cardboard animal bedding is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional materials used for animal bedding and game and poultry rearing like wood shavings and straw. It can also be used as an eco-friendly packaging filler, a greener alternative to polystyrene chips.

ecobale clean shredded corrugated cardboard provides a healthier, cleaner living and sleeping environment for all animals. It offers several benefits to animals, their owners and the environment:

Benefit 1: Environmentally friendly

  • 100% recycled
  • Re-usable
  • Made from a renewable source
  • Easily composted and fully biodegradable: when composting, ecobale breaks down more rapidly than traditional bedding and can be used as an effective mulch

"Corrugated packaging is a reusable material made from a renewable resource."
"Corrugated board is not made from tropical forest hardwoods - they are entirely unsuitable for the process. The industry uses fast-growing softwoods, which are being replanted faster than they are being used."

"Packaging for a Fragile Planet" from The Confederation of Paper Industries

Benefit 2: Ideal for allergy suffering animals and labourers

  • ecobale is virtually dust, seed and spore-free
  • Cardboard animal bedding is recommended by several associations and professional bodies as beneficial to animals prone to allergies, Chronic Respiratory Pulmonary Disease or Inflammatory Airway Disease:

"Paper and cardboard are lower in dust and mould content than other beddings".

Animal Health Trust

"…treatment plans should focus on improving the immediate environment in which the horse is kept together with medical management. The former situation may involve ensuring the horse is kept on bedding known to have lower concentrations of respirable dust or other airway irritants (e.g. paper or cardboard…)."

From a report on the Environmental Management of Inflammatory Airway Disease published by the International Veterinary Information Service

"The use of low-dust bedding is also important for the COPD horse. … If bedding is used, then a minimum-dust material should be used, such as shredded paper or cardboard."

The International League for the Protection of Horses

Benefit 3: Highly absorbent, comfortable, clean, safe and virtually odour-free

  • Absorbent: ecobale provides a cleaner, more comfortable environment for your animals. Fluids drain quickly through the absorbent bedding to the floor and are slowly absorbed into the bottom later, leaving the top layer dry and odourless.
  • Warm: Corrugated cardboard effectively traps warm air produced by your animal, creating a comfortably warm animal bed during those cold winter months.

Benefit 4: Easy to use

  • Healthier for the owner: no airborne allergen-causing dust, spores or seeds
  • ecobale does not crumble to dust during handling
  • Easy skipping & mucking out: ecobale effortlessly flows from the bale so no need to waste time and energy on that strenuous shaking routine that is necessary with traditional animal bedding.